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Car Shows 2020 - Coronavirus

Newark Kit Car Festival 25/26 July  CANCELLED

Stoneleigh Show   29/30 August

Classic Vehicle Restoration Show Shepton Mallet  7/8 November  CANCELLED

I'll update this list as and when I find out about the shows. I'll also be happy to add any shows that are actually going ahead - just PM me with the details.

 - tenpin

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Stoneleigh 2020 - Coronavirus

The  new date for the postponed show is:

This is the Sat and Sun of the Bank Holiday weekend.

(NB: The kit car bit of the Knebworth show is on the Bank Holiday Monday.)

- tenpin

Previously updated:  « on:  March 26, 2020, 06:37:12 PM »
Confirmed - the Stoneleigh show has been postponed.
There is no update...

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Insurance Companies

Adrian Flux 0800 089 0035
A-Plan 01635 874 646
Footman James 0333 207 6035
Insurance may be cheaper than you think, if you choose a specialist broker - I've listed some companies here.

One of the frequent questions at Stoneleigh from non-kit car owners was "How much does it cost to insure one of these cars?" When told, the answer seemed to be much less than was expected.<...

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Get your car on the front page...

Well, I'm after some photos of your car to put on the front page. I will make these rotate so everytime you visit you 'might' just see your own.

Just post them below and I'll have a chat with Tenpin to see which ones are worthy..

p.s Madman, you can have any of your none red cars!

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