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Stoneleigh 2020 - Coronavirus


The  new date for the postponed show is:

This is the Sat and Sun of the Bank Holiday weekend.

(NB: The kit car bit of the Knebworth show is on the Bank Holiday Monday.)

- tenpin

Previously updated:  « on:  March 26, 2020, 06:37:12 PM »
Confirmed - the Stoneleigh show has been postponed.
There is no update yet as to when it will take place.

 - tenpin

Originally posted:  « on: March 19, 2020, 04:49:23 PM »
It looks like the show will be postponed, but there's been no official announcement as yet.

Grosvenor Shows who organise this show, also organise Quilt Shows and they have already rescheduled their 3 Counties Malvern show which was due to happen in mid-May.
The organisers are trying to find an alternative date later in the year.
Complete Kit Car magazine will still be publishing their guide to the show in their next edition, but they are suggesting that people hang on to the Stoneleigh guide for use later in the year.

I will update this thread as I get more details.

 - tenpin

I'm not surprised to be honest.

And I don't think it will be only shows in May.... This will carry on into Summer too....   They need to make sure they have nailed this virus before they can start opening social gathering again, otherwise we will all be back to square one again and none of this "Self Isolating" we are currently doing will have been worth anything.

Dock Green:
I think social events will be the last to be released from lock-down - unfortunately.

I'm sorry to have to report:

Despite being re-arranged for August, this show has now been cancelled.

Any tickets purchased for this year's show will be valid for the 2021 show.

 - tenpin

next year will be a whole new experience for any event or show, here's hoping there'll be a flu jab equivalent


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