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I can buy a complete used dash, top and bottom for about $1,500. Cage and vent channels is another $500. It is pricey but I have no other options I guess. Now converting ac from electrical to mechanical is another ball game. I am a dummy when it comes to electronics. Do you know anyone who does that? If I send the MR2 unit or 360 unit to them and they do they work and ship it back. Then I just have someone locally follow instructions to connect wires?

So original 430 door cards fit better than original 360 door cards? What about DNA 360 door cards are they an easy fit?

If I do go the original 360 route I might even make molds of the modified dash so I can provide it to other forum members for future builds or if someone wanted to change out their mr2 dash.

So original 360 dash can be made to fit? Do you have pictures of what needs to be cut? Do you know if Ferrari frame for dash can be used?

So are a lot of people just using DNA 430 door cards and not 360? Is it because they fit better? I saw someone's build on this forum where this guy had fiberglass 360 door cards..i don't know if those are received from DNA when you buy the kit or if this guy made them himself? But if those are received from DNA are they an easy fit or to they require a lot of cutting and modifying? I want this car to look as original as possible so I guess I might have to get a real dash and modify it but as for door cards then I wish I could find DNA door cards that probably fit nicely since I don't want to get original door cards too and have to modify it all over the place to make it fit mr2 doors.

Is he a member here? If so what is his user name? do you know if dash is a 360 dash and door cards are from 430?

General Sales and Wanted / Need dash, door cards, center console for f360
« on: January 02, 2019, 07:01:32 PM »
Does anyone have any of these parts for sale or maybe have molds that they can make parts from. My whole interior is stock MR2 so I wanted to make it proper looking. Please let me would be greatly appreciated.

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